Adult Program 
16 years +

Lifelong Learning

Our adult students range from late teens to senior citizens. Everyone is encouraged to proceed at his or her own pace, according to their personal fitness and experience level. All classes include proper warmup, strength training, skills practice, and warm down with stretching.

There are many reasons for adults to pursue karate training. Some seek self-defense training, while others like the exercise. Students can be curious about an activity that developed half a world away, while there are those who train with a friend and enjoy the esprit de corps of a sport club. The belt system, that rewards technical improvement and commitment to training, appeals to those who like structure.

Our club employs the martial art tradition of those with the greatest experience helping those with the least. Our instructors have NCCP certification, giving them a sports science and coaching background. We also have access to world-renowned teachers and coaches for classes and seminars.

All classes include an element of strength and endurance training, with tactical and technical drills to improve karate and self-defense technique. Classes are also broken down into smaller groups for more individual belt-specific instruction in an aspect of karate training.

We encourage questions. Please see the "Contact Us/Location" page on this website.

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