Skills Development Program (SDP) 6 & 7 years old


In 2003, Sport Canada directed the national sports federations within its jurisdiction to develop their own Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) plans. The goal was to have guidelines in place to increase the overall physical literacy of children. They would train in generic sports skills, with specialization in a specific sport or physical activity taking place at a later time when bodies are mature enough to handle high-performance training.

Kuma Karate-Do instituted these guidelines in 2006, opening a Skills Development Program for 6 & 7 year olds. Basic karate techniques are mixed in with fundamental movement skills like pivoting, lateral movement, and hand-eye and foot-eye co-ordination. The emphasis is on FUNdamentals while introducing specific technical skills.

All Kuma Karate-Do classes are taught by an instructor with at least NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Trained or Certified status.

Younger than 6 years old?

We encourage parents with children younger than 6 years old to get them involved in activities like swimming and soccer with emphasis on natural movement, not on technique or strategy. A teacher/student ratio no higher than 1:5 is recommended at this level.

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