Junior Program
8 to 15 years old

LTAD continues


Kuma Karate-Do follows both Sport Canada and Karate Canada's Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) plan for young people during this critical stage where lifelong skills can be ingrained.


Ages 8 to 15 see young people going through growth spurts and learning technical, tactical and strategic skills. The Kuma Karate-Do Junior Program addresses this with a challenging curriculum that develops the ability to focus and concentrate, physically and mentally. Students also acquire leadership experience as they move up through the karate belt system toward black belt level.


Each student is encouraged to proceed at his/her own pace. The most important elements for advancing in rank are frequency of training (hours per week/month) and commitment (training regularly throughout the year). Most students who reach advanced rank train at least twice a week, 10 to 12 months of the year.


At age 14, students who meet the requirements are sent into the National Coaching Certification Program (only Karate Canada members are eligible). Overseen by the Coaching Association of Canada, and recognized by Sport Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee, athletes are schooled in coaching theory and sports science. At age 16, full certification is available; this transferable skillset is recognized by school boards and sports organizations, and looks good on a resume.


Parents are invited to ask questions about our programs. Please see the “Contact Us/Location” page.


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